CILT Post-COVID Supply Chain Survey
64008 1 True
1. Name
64009 1 True
2. Job Title
64010 1 True
3. Email Address
64011 1 True
4. Company Name
64012 7 True
5. What is your main industry sector?

64013 6 True
6. Throughout COVID-19, have you experienced disruption in your supply chain?

64014 8 True
7. Which areas of your supply chain have been affected by the pandemic? (Tick all that apply)

64015 2 True
8. What would be the most effective ways of improving the durability of your supply chain?
64016 8 True
9. Did you experience staff shortages in any of the following areas? (Tick all that apply)

64017 7 True
10. As of today, how long do you think it will take for your business to completely recover?

64018 7 True
11. Do you have plans and procedures in place, should a similar scenario occur in the future?

64019 6 True
12. Did you experience a reduction in staff availability throughout the pandemic?

64020 7 True
13. If “YES” to the previous question, by what percentage were staff numbers reduced?

64021 8 True
14. What changes are required to protect your supply chain against similar challenges in the future? (Tick all that apply)

64022 7 True
15. Would you be interested in finding out more about our Corporate Membership options, including the LogMark supply chain benchmarking club?

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